We partner with the manufactures of lighting fixtures and lamps. You can use the NetLED system to quickly and easily add additional value to your existing product line.


■ NetLED Engine


NLE002-PA: Internal antenna type. Range: 100m NLE002-EA: External antenna type. Antennae separate. Range: 400m~1km

The NetLED Engine uses the propreitary protocol  LedBeeTM  which is based on IEEE 802.15.4  Like Zigbee, it has multi-hop and is self-healing. It is a protocol optimized for lighting and sensors.

■ NetLED Gateway


The gateway connects to the Internet and allows communication to the wirelessly enabled lights from the cloud platform. Multiple gateways can be used collectively to scale to any size.

■ Sensor


This is a photo of a sensor unit in development that mounts in the ceiling as one would mount a downlight.

The greatest feature of this sensor is that it networked into the system and can be flexibly used to trigger many different types of events.   The analog sensor port allows for other sensors such as those for temperature to be connected.

■ NetLED Control

NetLED Manager
sousamen iPhone&iPad
Browser based management system for configuration, reconfiguration, scheduling, user management, and reporting. ※ Cloud Version only Allows user control of personal lighting space according to granted permissions including one touch presets.

Please ask us about the details of a NetLED alliance.

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